On My Shelf: Little Art Lover Inspiration Board for Kids!

Hello All,

I hope you like my little "On my shelf" inspiration board on Apartment Therapy today. I'm also working on a "big girl" room inspiration board based on the elements of this design, complete with lots of gold, hearts and graphic patterns!

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On My Shelf: Spring Edition

On My Shelf: Spring Edition Inspiration Board, by Lex&Liv

Happy Spring, Everyone. Is it really here to stay this time? I'm not sure that I could handle seeing my garden covered up in snow again; it's been a particularly cruel winter this year.
I've been working really hard on this new inspiration board format. I had the idea a while ago but had the hardest time coming up with the perfect wallpaper for my Spring/ Easter theme. Some of my favourite Scandinavian designs (like Josef Frank) aren't readily available in North America but I was so happy to discover wallpaper in Helen Dardik patterns.

On My Shelf: Spring Edition Inspiration Board, by Lex&Liv

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Lagging :-/

oh my, has it been a week since I last posted?

Stretched a bit thin at the moment- about a mile wide and an inch deep. Make that 1/4 inch. Working on so many simultaneous posts that I've lost track of what I'm doing and cannot seem to finish anything.

Plus, Olivia's teething schedule is seriously interfering with my efforts at sleeping.

And Mr Alex has "rediscovered" ABC mouse and commandeered my computer for himself. I suppose I have no say in the matter.

*Edit: Oh, forgot to add. Was traumatized to discover that someone clicked on my "crazy face" profile pic (I seriously do not have a single unembarrassing photograph of myself- unless you count the ones from my wedding 10 years ago, which hardly make appropriate profile images). So, spent a considerable amount of time *patiently* explaining to my husband the manner in which I would like my photograph taken. Several shots and many more fake smiles later, I realised he had been cutting my hair and chin off and pretty much just zoomed in on my nose. So, needless to say you will have to bear with the crazy eye one for a while longer while I attempt to find a photographer who can capture me in a slightly more flattering light.

Progress on Olivia's room

Still making little additions and improvements to Olivia's room, editing and adding little pieces. One of the areas I wanted to address was the changing station. I purchased a baby changer/ dresser with the intention of changing babies on it but I've actually always changed the kids on a changing mat on the floor. Not only does it feel safer that way, we have a bit of playtime on the floor afterwards and I've snapped some of my favourite photos of the kids there. The light from window above is perfect for pictures and even a photographic novice such as I manage to capture some great images (though always by accident).

I was very excited for the mail to arrive today because I suspected my little package from the Ukraine had arrived. How I hate to wait for orders to clear customs... but my little find is so adorable that it was worth the extra wait. I was having the hardest time finding cute, playful bookends until I thought to check on Etsy and was suddenly spoiled for choice. It was difficult deciding between this little Elf and Squirrel and the Fox.

So, a couple of new additions to the dresser "vignette" today, see below for links.

More Golden Finds

I found so many beautiful items for my AT style board that I wasn't able to fit onto my composition. Some of the images were unfortunately too time consuming to edit and I was under a bit of a time constraint but I wanted to include some of them here. Hopefully I'll be able to use them on a future design. Here they are, in no particular order; one of these days I will figure out how to get all of the images to be the same size!.
Click the captions for purchase links.

Moons Print, Bello Pop

Sukan pink linen pillow cover

Gold Lightbulb, Anthropologie

Love Candy Print, Jennifer Ramos

Letterpress Citron Thank You Cards, Fine Day Press

Lariat Necklace, Delezhen

Style board: Gold Trend

Check out today's style board on Apartment Therapy! I'm crazy about gold these days, especially when paired with shades of pink.

Olivia's sweet sleeping space

I've shown you a little peak into Olivia's nursery but she's actually not sleeping there yet. She currently has her mini-crib parked in my room, where I've found the following items to be essential.

Olivia's Sleeping Space

Resource Links

1. DIY Cloud Mobile - here is my tutorial for Apartment Therapy
2. Organic Crib Sheets for Bloom Alma Mini crib ($50 for two-pack)
3. Cloud B Sleep Sheep Sound Toy ($30)- hangs off the crib and makes soothing sounds
4. Bloom Alma Mini Crib in Coconut white ($340, or $270 at Buy Buy Baby with 20% coupon)
5. Aden and Anais Cozy Sleep Sack ($45) - absolutely LOVE this but make sure you get the 4 layer "cozy" version.
6. Ferm Living Happy Harlequin Blanket ($82) - so beautiful and soft but quite delicate; I suggest hand-washing (yes, I'm rolling my eyes too)
7. Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddlers ($35 for a 4 pack) - biggest baby necessity, so versatile.
8. Coco Mat Organic Mini Mattress ($160) or Body Fit Spring Mini Mattress ($90), by Bloom

I've mentioned here before that we didn't have an ideal sleeping situation for Alex when he was born. I needed to have him in the room with me but his nursery was too small for a bed, and my room was too small to comfortably accommodate his crib. I foolishly purchased a pack n' play (play pen), thinking he could sleep on the top portion for 6 months. It seemed like the perfect solution- it's light, portable, fairly inexpensive, and can be used as a play pen/ baby jail later on. Except that the weight limit for the top portion is 15 lb (which he immediately outgrew), we never did take it anywhere (so the portability factor was moot),  and the only thing we ever put in it was Alex's ever expanding soft animal collection (think "Hoarders").

When Olivia arrived, I had different expectations for those early months and spent quite a bit of time researching sleep solutions. I'd long admired the Alma mini crib, by English company Bloom. Aside from being beautiful, non-toxic, and solidly built from 100% wood, it fits through doorways and is fully collapsable. It also comes with optional casters which makes it really easy to move the crib around from room to room. I selected the organic Coco mat mattress option because I wanted the most non-toxic option I could find. I'm very impressed with the quality of the mattress (and it's made in the UK!). And let me tell you, it's as close to natural as you will find- when you unzip the cotton cover, you see the 3 layer sandwich of lamb's wool and coconut fibre. It's the first mattress I've ever used that has no smell whatsoever (and this is the third "organic" mattress I've purchased). It also has just enough softness to be comfortable, while being firm enough for baby's safety.


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