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Alex’s Flag Garland Decal



Don’t you just love the finished look a pom pom or flag garland gives the walls of a kids’ room? I do, and yet I’m wary of using strings because they present a safety hazard.




As I mentioned in my previous post, I started working on a flag garland decal tutorial a while ago but stalled after my computer meltdown. I’m going to have to reinstall AutoCAD on this computer before I can provide a template for the flag but I think the process is fairly self explanatory.I used a 13′ length of yarn to trace out the shape of my garland. Each flag is 6″ wide and I accounted for 2″ of space between them. Once the flags were up, I removed the yarn. I’m thinking about using a marker to visually connect the flags but not sure that I want to draw on my walls!



  1. Very very cute! I think I might try this after we move into a new home this summer. So unique! xoxo, Annie from Brimful

    • Thank you, Annie! I'm working on another one, this time for Olivia's room- a "pom pom" decal garland. We'll see how this one works out ;-)

  2. P.S. Had you thought about commenting under the "name/ url" option so that your blog is linkable to your name?

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