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HI/ LO Galactic Nursery


Everytime I create an inspiration board for AT, I click submit and hold my breath. Generally, people (those who comment) want to see furniture in the IKEA price range. I can usually foresee the complaints: it’s too loud; it’s too monochromatic; I found that $40 toy you sourced for 63 cents at my neighbour’s garage sale; your language is too flowery; I would never spend that much money on MY CHILD.

It’s hard to not get discouraged but I took the criticism in stride and came up with a more budget-friendly version (at 3 am this morning, and no, I do not sleep. Imagine my delight when Olivia awoke at 4 am). No, it’s not in the IKEA price range but it does get you into a designer nursery for $3000 (as opposed to $6000 for the original).

Check this post out on Apartment Therapy for Resource links!

One room is half the price of the other

One room is half the price of the other


  1. Anonymous says

    I really love this and will be using your style board for my space crazy 5 year old&#39;s room. If it&#39;s not too much trouble, what color curtains would you recommend? I&#39;ll be replacing the pink elements with red or green since that the kiddo&#39;s favorite color and would love to know what you think would work best- white, grey, black, red, green???<br /><br />PS-I am far from rich but

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the sheet links- I hadn&#39;t seen the large size sheets from Dwell. Both look good, although I&#39;m leaning toward the Dwell sheets because they work so well with the hand drawn pillow. The pillow would be an easy project for my son and I to DIY and it would be cute to have his version of our family portrait. <br /><br />The color blocked curtains, pottery barn sheets and alien

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the design giveaway goes live on Monday, so be sure to enter!!

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