Furniture Boards for Alex's New Room

Okay, I couldn't bring myself to include the flat screen TV above the dresser. Needless to say, the bird print probably won't be staying in that location for long.

A couple of things not shown on the furniture board- the Merete Curtains from IKEA and brushed nickel curtain rods from Crate and Barrel.

MERETE Curtains, 1 pair IKEA Thick fabric helps to darken the room and reduce sound.
IKEA Merete Curtains in Bleached
Truthfully, despite excellent online reviews, I had my doubts about the IKEA curtains. At $12 per panel, they just seemed too good to be true. I haven't hung them up yet but the quality seems impressive- they are a heavy canvas-like material and I'm hoping they adequately block out light.
Crate and Barrel 3/4" Matte Nickel Curtain Rod Set


Bed Wall Elevation

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