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Recipe: How to bake your motherboard in the oven

Sorry things have been quiet on my end. A week ago, I turned my computer on to find a black screen with white lines. The dreaded black screen, which had actually been preceded by the dreaded blue screen the week before. That should have been my cue to backup my work. My husband took to the internet to find a solution. Apparently (and this is third hand, maybe fourth, considering I can't remember what he told me) some solder must have come loose and severed the connection with the video card, as was quite common with this model (can't be because I basically heat my bed with it). The recommended fix was to cover the plastic components in foil and bake the motherboard in the oven at 400 degree F, in the hopes that the solder would fuse back together. Not wanting to destroy my oven wth melted plastic and expose my lovely family to noxious fumes, I've elected to purchase a new laptop. As this may take some time to research, I probably won't be posting much of interest for a while, though I do continue to be active on Facebook and Pinterest if you care to follow.

Currently trying to decide whether to take the leap from PC to a MacBook. I use AutoCAD quite frequently and would need to run it on a parallel interface in mac, called Bootcamp. If anyone reading this has experience running AutoCAD 2012 in Bootcamp, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Oct 24, 2015

Thanks, Ashley ;-)<br />i&#39;m actually looking at the iMac online right now. I went into the apple store yesterday to look at the laptops but Alex and i immediately gravitated towards the iMac. So pretty!

Oct 24, 2015

Hope you got it all worked out!!

Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

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