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Meet Cousin Violet

Introducing "Cousin Violet," the latest Lex&Liv moccasin, in the most perfect plum coloured veg tanned leather, named for my favourite Down Abbey Dowager (and loveliest actress of all time, Maggie Smith). I put the silk frock on the rag doll and dressed her up with a bit of decadent fur, in keeping with the theme

DSC_0118 It truly is the softest leather I've ever felt. I think there's a misconception that chrome tanned leather is softer than vegetable tanned. Absolutely not true. This particular colour changes with the light. During the day it appears purple and at night, a deep bordeaux. The sun was already on its way out when I shot these images, so I will have to try to capture the colour during the daytime (the little we have). DSC_0117 I spent much of the day today adjusting the pattern and grading to other sizes. You'll note that the pattern is cut to the shape of the foot, with a distinct left and right. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing (in my view, anyway) but it extends the wearability of the shoe. Rather than having to conform to the shape of the foot, it will stretch evenly across the line of the toes. DSC_0121 I don't like having mismatched thread. It's a lot of work to rethread the machine every time but it's worth it, so soon I must brave this awful weather to purchase purple thread.

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